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  • Digitize your Guests

    Digitize your Guests

How much do you know about your guests?

The most important task in the next 10 years in tourism destinations will be to get to know the guests digitally. The most important part of communication is completely bypassed by destinations today: contact with people. Destination websites have no sign-up function and no community. And if something is sold or booked, then the person-related data cannot be used due to the GDPR. When destinations turn to social platforms to reach people, the user profiles on Meta & Co. are enriched. However, the destinations still do not know their guests digitally. Where companies build their customer databases in CRM systems, destinations rely on official reporting data and analog surveys if they want to learn about their guests.

Get to know your guests digitally

Turn anonymous visitors into a vibrant community. Your visitors and your hosts are already a community, just not digitally. Create your own guest database in a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management). Generate guest profiles via Outdooractive and enrich them in your CRM (Zoho) with additional data from guest card, booking, and information systems. 

Guests need trust to disclose their data

Only if people trust a system will they entrust it with their data. Platforms have to earn this trust by treating users' data reliably and confidentially, and by giving users control over everything that happens to their data. Large platforms - including Outdooractive - are experienced in handling data from the community. 

Don't be afraid of user privacy and content

Destinations can use Outdooractive's community under their own brand. The complete service including technology, data protection, data backup, security, and handling of legal violations is provided by Outdooractive. As a DMO, you communicate with your guests without any worries - and under your own brand.

Users need a good reason to disclose their data

People will only entrust their data to a platform if they receive a comprehensible and desirable return service. Outdooractive offers a whole range of reasons to log in:

  • 4 weeks Pro+ for guests
  • Buddy Beacon
  • Plan and save your own tours with the tour planner
  • Comment and rate
  • Share content
  • Notepad
  • MyMap
  • Challenges
  • Questions & Answers
  • Catalog orders
  • Offline storage in the app - also white label app
  • Follow a user or a source

We create standards

We are creating the structure for the "user database" of DMO's, defining a new standard for complementing guest profiles. The new standard for guest profiles is implemented in Zoho CRM and is directly synchronized with Outdooractive. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our consultants for further information.

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