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  • 360° Destination Management System

    360° Destination Management System

    The holistic platform for the destination manager. 

    In a destination there are many tasks to be done. We have assembled all the tools in one single platform for you.
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There are hundreds of tools that support you in getting your daily work done. Even as a destination manager, there are tons of tools for individual tasks that need to be done every day. But it's the same in destinations as it is in any other complex business: If you have a separate tool for each task and these tools are not connected, you end up with separate islands and data silos. The result is that you do the same job multiple times without having an overall view.


The Outdooractive platform is the most comprehensive destination management system in the world. Since 1994, we have been working on digitizing all information in tourism and mapping all processes digitally in one system. The entire platform is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) always in its latest version. With Outdooractive there are no more relaunches for you, because the entire software is permanently developed and updated by our developers and UX specialists. 

My Business

Your access to the digital side of your destination - the digital twin. The destination management system (DMS) manages all data, maintains all interfaces, configures all output channels, manages all employees, service providers and guests, manages the community, controls marketing campaigns, analyzes reports and heatmaps. My Business is the cockpit with dashboards for the everyday work of the destination manager.

White-Label Website

The tourism flagship of the destinations is its website. Even if this site has lost its relevance to platforms, it is still the place where the uniqueness of the destination appears digitally in its full glory. With Outdooractive, however, the website is no longer a handmade one of a kind and there is no longer the need for extensively programming a launch or relaunch. The main structure of the website is that of a travel guide, which has been used for 150 years. The pages of the website and the navigation are created automatically as soon as content has been published in the database. Of course, special pages can be integrated into the structure, as well as an individual state-of-the-art design. 

The White-Label Website

White-Label App

Although mobile versions of websites and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are getting better, they are not a serious alternative to native apps. Native apps offer much better usability and create many opportunities for new features through increasingly advanced device hardware such as sensors, processors and cameras. Successful platforms invariably work with native apps for the best user experience (UX). Especially for building a community, there is no alternative to running a native app.

The White-Label App


Any content from the Outdooractive platform can be quickly and easily integrated into existing websites. Whether it's a single detail page or a list, an entire web app with different views and filter options, or a map with some arbitrary content, the code for the integration is created with just a few clicks. Embedding in web pages is just as easy as known from videos for example. 



Use all the power of an international tourism platform. We measure the reach of content across all channels as well as the performance of the destination independent of brands, technologies and languages and we visualize everything on heatmaps. We aim to answer all the questions that you are confronted with in your daily work. What is the reach of my content in the content marketing network? What language do my guests speak? What is clicked and what of it is actually visited afterwards? Where have how many people been on which day and what did they do there? How many were there compared to the previous year? 

More on analytics

Trail Management

Trails are the most important part of an outdoor destination's offering, so it is essential to have trail management in the same software system. Even if the activities are not directly performed by the destination managers, the interaction between the current conditions and closures on the trails and the activities of the tourists is crucial to whether the guest has a good day or not. In turn, the comments, photos, and tips from the community are valuable information for trail managers. 

Trail Management


The map is the No. 1 information and navigation tool in outdoor tourism. There is hardly any information left without a geographical reference. Modern vector cartography has long ceased to be just a picture in the background; the map can be used interactively. Elements appearing on the map can be clicked directly to get to the detailed information and vice versa. The management of the map is essential for the guest experience. We take all the information to the screen in an easy-to-understand form and support the destination managers in constantly improving the map.


As a destination manager, you are very interested in being able to effortlessly exchange your data with other systems. We have founded the Tourism Tech Alliance (TTA) to standardize tourism data and make it interchangeable. With a growing number of TTA members, you are able to connect your accounts between platforms with just a few clicks today. Your data will then be automatically synchronized bidirectionally. 


Booking systems

The only thing Outdooractive is not is a booking system. Yet we easily integrate all relevant booking systems on the market. Data from hotels, bookable offers such as guided tours, and events are imported into the Outdooractive platform via standardized interfaces. The data is automatically used to create detail pages in the Outdooractive database and in the travel guide, and your data is displayed to users in the correct context. For the actual booking process, we open the respective booking route as a new tab.  

Online marketing campaign management

Beyond the generic reach, Outdooractive is also a content marketing platform, where targeted campaigns can be set up. For example, you can promote hiking in the spring, cycling in the summer and winter activities in the fall. Campaign management is a separate module where you define the content you want to promote, the time period, the number of page views and the budgets. The campaign runs automatically and you can monitor and analyze the performance with our real-time reports. 

Travel Guide

For perfectly informing and navigating your guests, the travel guide structure is the supreme discipline. Guests and search engines alike best find their way with the help of the structure that has been well-established for 150 years (travel, climate, culture, language, sleeping, eating & drinking, shopping, activities, etc.). Content from the database is automatically displayed on the corresponding landing pages. The pages themselves can be provided with relevant and SEO-optimized texts in all languages. As an example, let's take the topic of hiking in your destination: a platform-wide standardized landing page is created in several languages, which can be played out on all channels at the same time being perfectly adapted to the ranking in search engines and all future forms of the Internet (e.g. chatbots or metaverse).

Translations and internationalization

Tourism is an international business. Every content manager knows the problem and the endless effort involved in maintaining and playing out content in multiple languages. Let alone you also want to offer your website and all other playout channels in multiple languages. Without central translation management, this is an impossible task. That's why we have built translation management directly into the Outdooractive platform. The best news for you: You don't have to worry about the software. Our native speakers in 20+ languages do that for you automatically on a regular basis. Multilingual content management is integrated directly into the content, where every single field can be maintained in all language versions. To relieve you of the maintenance effort, all content can be translated into all the languages you want with the help of the best translation tools by simply pushing of a button.

Language Settings

Community Management

Here is the access to your own community. In the Outdooractive platform, you can set up your own community under your own brand. We take care of all the technical and legal issues for you, so that you can fully look after your guests and those who might want to become your future guests. Unlike all social media channels, in the Outdooractive platform you have the rights to all your users' data and can unrestrictedly work with it these data. 


Get to know your guests digitally. Turn anonymous visitors into a lively community. Generate guest profiles via Outdooractive. In the platform, users leave behind a lot of valuable information about their interests, plans, and trips on various channels. We process this information in accordance with data protection regulations and make it available for further processing in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. There it is up to you to enrich the data with further data from guest card, booking and information systems. 

CRM integration


Data exchange has been our business for more than 20 years. The Outdooractive API is available for technical exchange between platforms and databases. However, we do not recommend using the API for integrating data into websites, because this means losing many of the advantages that the Outdooractive platform offers out-of-the-box. For integration into websites, you should use the widgets or, best of all, use the white label website right away. 

The Outdooractive API

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