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  • Transforming the global tourism market

    Transforming the global tourism market

    We put the user first and ensure that touristic information is available wherever it is needed.

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Outdooractive - a member of the TTA

Outdooractive is a pioneer in the transformation of the global tourism market. We have been a leader in digital visitor management since 1994 and have come to define the standards for managing tourism data. The many years of data exchange and information flow across platforms and interfaces, and between our partners, has now reached the point that customers too are able to transfer data themselves between platforms with just a few clicks.


This also allows destination customers from other platforms to simply synchronize data into their Destination Pro account, with the added advantage of benefiting from Outdooractive's vast reach and its huge community.

We currently partner with:

Additional TTA partners will shortly be added to make the benefits of the Outdooractive platform available to even more destinations.

About the TTA

The Tourism Tech Alliance (TTA) is the voice of the tourism technology industry. We are committed to fair competition and transparent communication in order to support innovation and putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do. We represent the leading innovators in tourism technology, including platforms, web agencies, booking systems and data hubs. 


We connect members' platforms in both directions through the use of a permanent interface. The platforms make the data structures compatible with each other so that much of the data can be synchronized with only minimal effort. Any further customization of these data structures for customer projects is either mapped to the common structure or simply not transferred. The connectors can be activated with just a few input fields when a valid account is available on both systems. Data synchronizes in each direction once the connector becomes active.


The TTA was set up in 2022 by its founding members, Outdooractive, neusta destination one, Infomax and Land in Sicht. Between them they cover a large portion of available tourism databases and projects in Germany as well as parts of Austria and Switzerland. The group quickly agreed that the current practice of laboriously establishing multiple individual interfaces is not scalable and that the Open Data projects of the federal states and countries were also not a solution. The view was that just as the travel industry had managed to establish a standard for bookable data years ago - and the data flow into all systems had been working for a long time - it was time that the tourism industry followed suit.

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Prerequisite for using the connectors on the Outdooractive website is a valid Destination Pro Account or a Destination Pro+ Account.

Destination Pro Account
Destination Pro+ Account


Do existing interfaces have to be converted?

No, existing interfaces will continue to function until further notice. However, talk to your dedicated contact person to find out about the advantages of a changeover - if necessary during further product extensions.

Does using connectors mean extra costs?

This decision is made by each platform. The best advice is to talk to your main content.

Are there costs for converting from an existing interface to a connector?

This decision is made by each platform separately. you will need to talk to your main contact. 

How can I get in touch?

For further information or questions feel free to contact our team at