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    We help you to improve the well-being of your region's guests and residents
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Enable active living

Create a digital environment that enables your residents and guests to actively enjoy your municipality to the fullest. Spread joy and make sure that your locals identify themselves with their hometown through an active style of living.

Digitize your offering

It has never been easier or faster to create a digital version of the leisure offering within your municipality. Creating hiking or biking routes, sights or monuments, events and much more is only a few clicks away.

Increase local well-being

More than 60 million people use the Outdooractive platform to experience outdoor adventures. The leisure offerings of your region come to life digitally in the greatest of all outdoor apps. Motivate your residents to actively experience their home region, spread passion among your community and increase both physical and mental well-being.

Raise attractiveness 

Reach not only your current residents, but also show your municipality on the map outside of its borders. On Outdooractive you can reach on average 5 times more people than on other channels. Attract visitors, potential new residents as well as local businesses and position your municipality as digital pioneer.

Foster local collaboration

Outdooractive allows all local businesses to create and manage their offering in their own accounts. Thus they contribute to the official offering of the region and all players contribute what they're best at. Through the global travel guide your authentic regional offers are automatically integrated into the tourism structure of your state.

Safety for your people and conservation of nature

Ensure that your people and guests do not engage in activities that jeopardize their own safety or harm the environment: 

Closures of paths during hazardous situations and area-wide information about rules, or special situations. You can also close route recommendations when necessary

Management of outdoor infrastructure

The maintenance of trail networks and all elements next to them is essential for the quality of the outdoor experience. Outdooractive simplifies the planning, maintenance, and management of your outdoor infrastructure.

Start digitizing your community

Outdooractive will make your daily tasks easier and reduce the necessary effort to a minimum while enhancing the positive impact on the well-being of your residents. Get started now for free!
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