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  • White-Label Apps

    White-Label Apps

    The best way to provide your guests with the best possible service and digitally connect with them is through a native app.

Stay constantly connected to your guests

While mobile versions of websites continue to improve, they fail to be effective alternatives to native apps. Even PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are little more than mobile optimized websites that simply function on Apple and Google's operating systems. 


Native apps offer far better performance and create possibilities that are facilitated by devices' increasingly advanced hardware such as sensors, processors, and cameras. High quality platforms, without exception, work with native apps to help guide the user in ways that are both as automated and smooth as possible. 


Developing and continually upgrading a native app from a good UX experience perspective (as users would expect from a major platform) comes with a heavy annual price tag. For this reason, tourism apps are a rarity and web agencies generally do not offer them.  


Outdooractive has developed the white-label app to be as analogous to the web platform as possible, both in terms of structure and features.  


As with the white-label website, the white-label app is also branded by the customer, mirrors all content, and seamlessly integrates the community.   


Features are further enhanced by working alongside smartphone capabilities including:

  1. Offline saving: all content and maps can be downloaded and used without the need for an internet connection.
  2. GPS positioning that is highly accurate and can be used offline. 
  3. Tracks can also be recorded while offline.
  4. The navigation feature with speech output helps guide with ease and can be used offline. 
  5. User content is automatically synchronized in full with the platform and is directly available to the user in both applications, e.g. in the Route Planner, clipboard and, My Map.
  6. All community functions are natively integrated into the app and correspond to a familiar UX. 
  7. The user remains logged in even after closing / restarting the app to provide continued access to his or her profile. 
  8. Sharing content and communicating with other users is easy.
  9. The app helps users stay safe when in the outdoors by letting them share their real time location with friends, and, in turn, rescuers in an emergency. An emergency call feature has also been integrated. 
  10. The synching of content directly the white-label app eliminates any additional work for the customer.

You should not launch your own app if you:

  • require it only for marketing purposes 
  • represent a small region 
  • do not have the resources to maintain the app in respect of your community

Having your own app is right for you if you:

  • want to provide a better service and more security for your guests 
  • represent a large region 
  • want to build your own brand in the App Store 
  • have the resources to maintain the app in respect of your community

Learn everything about your Destination White-Label App

Our consultants are happy to develop an individual app concept together with you.