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  • Supporting you on the path to sustainability

    Supporting you on the path to sustainability

    For twenty years, we have been developing the Outdooractive platform with a mission to enable great outdoor experiences through technology that guides, connects, and protects. We have also long put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and are equally passionate about supporting customers who wish to do the same. 

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Sustainability through digitization

In the context of tourism, digitization provides a huge lever for all processes. It allows information to reach everyone long before they leave their homes, embark on their travel, or venture out into nature. The virtual travel of today's landscape of websites, apps, AR, and VR - as well as the metaverse of tomorrow - will never replace the actual experience, but it does allow travelers to be better informed and more conscientious of their actions as a result. To help achieve this, our customers can always be assured that they have the best technological solutions that are current and in line with industry trends.
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Sustainability solutions for tourism professionals

Using digitization to support the growth of sustainability among local service providers

The Outdooractive platform maps tourism products and services in a structured way, while enabling providers to take responsibility for digitizing these services themselves. This data is then used as the basis for coaching by Green Destinations and certification processes according to GSTC criteria. We are currently working on storing sustainability criteria on the Outdooractive platform so that we can share providers and destinations with indicators of where their business is positioned and which guidelines they need to follow in order to become more sustainable.   

Dynamic visitor guidance 

We aim to integrate all conservation laws and rules for the use of nature directly into existing data structures. Content that does not comply is simply removed and cannot even be planned or published. Likewise, closed trails or zones are marked as such on the map and excluded from our route planning and navigation features


Platform analytics and the heat map lets you visualize visitor flows in and around the region and protected areas. Visitors are alerted to congested locations and you can also actively direct them with personalized alternative recommendations, QR codes and digital Challenges that are based on need.
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Outdoor enthusiasts as conservationists

Our Platform allows natural assets such as flora, fauna, and habitats to be mapped in a practical and structured way. By making restrictions and rules clear, accessible, and easy to digest, our aim is to convert nature users into conservationists by providing them with a greater understanding and appreciation of their surroundings.

Direct data coupling with Digitize the Planet 

The Digitize the Planet platform lets you input basic information about protected areas and the rules that apply to them. This data is then transferred directly to the Outdooractive platform via an API/interface after you have linked your two accounts using the connector.

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