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Building greater resilience through digitization Digitizing your guests

When distance make it difficult to get to know people in person, digitizing your guests is a necessary step to help sustain your business. Outdooractive provides you with the tools you need to ensure you are securely positioned for the future.

Every destination and every hote...

11.17.2021 14:31 - Comment(s)
Guiding hikers and protecting grazing livestock with Outdooractive

During hikes in the Alpine region, incidents with mother cows and guard dogs occur more and more often. The animals are exposed to enormous stress in the process and the confrontations may lead to accidents. In order to counteract this problem, Graubünden, in cooperation with Outdooractive, has init...

11.17.2021 14:27 - Comment(s)
Avoid overcrowded trails with digitized route suggestions

The search for routes and activities in a region nowadays mainly takes place online. This is also confirmed by a study by Bergzeit, which shows that 65% of hikers from the DACH region inform themselves about possible destinations for their excursions on online portals. Here,...

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3D Flight Video 2.0 Let your guests widen your reach

With Outdooractive's new 3D Flight VideosPro+ userscan now create high-quality videos of a route they have recorded in a single click. Furthermore, they now have the ability to share these experiences on social media. By letting visitors act as influencers you have a whole new way to mar...

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Direct visitor flows across your region

Hardware solutions enable DMOs to count visitors on site, but can only measure visitor flows selectively (e.g. at parking lots and POIs). This is not suitable for comprehensive visitor management. In addition, it is not possible to react proactively to visitor flows. Measures are only initiated when...

11.16.2021 11:51 - Comment(s)
Hotel bookings - Outdooractive is the pole to the monopoly

Three well-known portals form the pinnacle of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). A 2020 study by "Hotrec" (A European umbrella organization for restaurants and hotels) shows that 30% (up 10.2% from 2013) of hotel bookings in Europe are made using these portals. At the same time,...

11.16.2021 09:08 - Comment(s)
The world's first Live Tracking Heatmap for digital visitor guidance systems

Outdooractive brings you the first live view of guests, combining data from hardware tracking with GPS-positioning, to support destinations manage their guests. Here we give you a first look at some of the effective features of the first version, which is available for order now.

11.16.2021 07:35 - Comment(s)
Digital visitor management - holistic and sustainable

In order to properly guide and direct your visitors, an end-to-end digital solutionis needed. By the time a family has planned a day trip early on Saturday or Sunday and set off by car, it is already too late for meaningful guidance. This is because they do not have a Plan B with them when they...

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Keeping your guests safe throughout the winter season

Winter is starting to get underway bringing with it familiar issues. These include all the mountain rescues that need to undertaken to help lost skiers who misjudged the snow conditions and went out on their ski tour with the wrong equipment. 

05.01.2021 08:31 - Comment(s)