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  • Digitize your population

    Digitize your population

    Let your destination benefit everyone. Tourism should empower and benefit the local community while also giving them the chance to share and convey with visitors the best the region can offer. 

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If your tourism goals for a region only focus on increasing the number of overnight stays, they will ultimately become a burden for the local population. By striking a proper balance between local impact and creating a profit, you can create something that is for the common good of all.

Turn the local community into hosts and guides.

The goal should be for the local community to feel like they are representatives of their region - sharing with visitors the culture, food, products, and everything that is unique to where they live. Pride and self-confidence and a welcoming culture for guests should be things that involve the entire population and by building awareness that tourism can benefit everyone and not just individual businesses, a greater sense of collective responsibility for being good hosts is created. 

Digitize your population.

Get those living in your destination involved and use the possibilities of the digital community to give them a voice. Make good use of the recommendations and knowledge of local service providers as well as those not directly linked to tourism such as farmers, hunters, foresters, and landowners - and then add these to your destination's database.

We help you integrate the local community into your digital world. 

Most people in your region today are already using various platforms for their daily communication. The functionality of the Outdooractive platform lets you build a community under your own brand - which can also be extended to residents to let them share their suggestions with your guests. 

Bundle all digital channels in your destination.

All service providers in tourism can easily and free of charge integrate the content of the destination database into their own websites and social media channels via widget. This provides restaurants, hotels and all other tourism businesses with high-quality content on their communication channels and creates reach under the destination's brand and digital networking with the service providers via backlinks.

Get them crowdsourcing.

Providers can be directly add their services and products onto the platform using My Business- and entirely free of charge if they are using the basic version. This way, each service provider is contributing directly to the digitization of the destination with their content appearing as part of the destination's travel guide. Content from the local community can also be used to strengthen the destination's database

Engagement leads to success.

Community engagement through the effective use of content ensures that the information available is both timely and relevant, leading to a better guest experience and ultimately an increase in visitors. Comments, feedback and complaints assist in improving the quality of the tourism product. Call on residents to report issues on the platform. By doing so, not only are you increasing the their awareness of the quality of the product but also building a sense of collective responsibility. The Trail Manager feature lets issues be tracked and monitored until they are resolved.

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