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  • The Outdooractive Travel Guide

    The Outdooractive Travel Guide

    We're creating the home of the greatest travel inspiration — together with you. Attract our community to your destination.
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Travel inspiration of the highest level

    Everything that a tourist needs from inspiration to the travel decision to the actual experience on site. Built in a structure that suits people as well as AI software, the Outdooractive Travel Guide plays a key role in community interaction, generation of visitor data and visitor guidance.

The entirety of your region for your guests

The best hikes, bike routes or climbing spots. The most ideal places to stay for active tourists. The most relevant offers and events.

The Outdooractive travel guide collects the very best content available from the whole platform and puts everything together in the most fitting way. Automatically for any region in the world!

Automatically up to date

Any time new content is added in a region, the travel guide is updated. Depending on the type of content or the most common activity, the structure will be adjusted to best fit the offering of your region. New routes, events and also information about potentially hazardous situations find their way to your guests without fail.

Claim and personalize your travel guide

You know your region best, so we are more than happy to hand over its presentation to you. All your region's travel guide pages receive your branding and you obtain the rights to improve the automatically generated pages with your insider content. Images, videos, individual text and layout can be arranged by you so your strategic focus will find its way to Outdooractive.

Separate the market into different activities

The Outdooractive travel guide consists of a general page for any region as well as of activity specific sub-pages.

You can address hikers and mountain bikers differently and show each group the right inspirational content.

On search engines you will obtain traffic from queries such as "hikes in [Destination]".

Integrate the travel guide on your website

The travel guide is not only limited to the Outdooractive platform. 

The proven structure and the completeness of the information can form the basis of your own website as well. 

This means you no longer need to invest time and effort in keeping your website up to date — while ensuring that you still offer the best online experience to your guests.

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Get control over your region

Become part of our "Alliance of the officials" and obtain editorial rights and branding of your region. Starting with the Destination Pro account you can actively shape the digital representation of your destination.
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