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  • Form the "Alliance of the Officials"

    Form the "Alliance of the Officials"

    The only way to compete against the communities and platforms that have taken over the communication sovereignty is to bundle the official content from the local partners to offer the best experience. 

The reality

Gone are the days when tourists depended on what information was published by tourism associations, publishers and hoteliers. Gone are the days when guests had to go to the local tourist offices to book a room and add content to their vacation. Even the websites of the DMO's hardly play a role in the digital customer journey anymore. All the power lies with the big commercial booking platforms and with the big community portals. 

BUT: A community will not reliably solve it, what prices an offer has on site, what opening hours a museum has, what the snow situation is like on the mountain, whether a hiking trail is open or closed, and so on. A commercial booking platform will have the providers' data correct if you can book/buy a product directly, but this commercial world will only care about the lucrative bookable products and all communication will go through the commercial platforms and not directly with the provider.

Together we are stronger

Instead of whining about the community Open Street Map (OSM), the internet communities (Instagram & Co.) and the community route portals (Komoot & Co.), we offer tourism associations, protected areas and service providers the opportunity to join in and together regain sovereignty over their communication

The Outdooractive platform basically has two parts:

The Outdooractive brand generates about 50% of the Outdooractive platform's total reach.

All other white-label output channels (our customers and partners) together generate the other 50% of the reach.

When we proactively operate this established system together, we are stronger together. On average, our customers' data reaches 5xas muchreach as it does on our own brand channels.

With each local partner, not only does their official data enter the platform, but the partners in turn act as their own output channels for a destination's shared data.

The tourist wants it simple, reliable and all in one place 

As a tourist, you want to be able to find all the information you need in the best quality in one place. You don't want to have to spend hours consulting Google, only to end up visiting dozens of websites and still not find reliable information. The way out in many cases is either to buy print products from Amazon or to rely on the big travel platforms. However, by doing so, you are most certainly traveling with the mainstream, not getting to enjoy the remote quiet corners and you have no influence on the regionality and sustainability of your trip.

Crowd-sourcing and collaboration

At Outdooractive, our approach since our founding in 1994 has been that a tourist can only get the information of the required quality directly from the first-hand provider of the product. To achieve this, it is necessary to bring all the information together. In the end, this only succeeds in the necessary quality if all those involved in tourism (stakeholders) undertake the digitization of their offers directly themselves. They only do this reliably if they do it primarily for themselves because they have recognized the benefits of digitization. 

The software system in which they build their own digital world is irrelevant, as long as this system manages standardized data structures and ensures uncomplicated data exchange via connectorsOpen Data databases or data hubs do not fulfill this task, because a tourist needs not only the pure data of an offer, but also the contact to the provider for queries, ratings and tips from other tourists. It is also necessary to being offered the management of their current conditions, direct booking options and the seamless integration of all offers into their own travel planning and navigation with the app of their choice, without having to deal with many local systems. 

The right product for the different stakeholders

We are constantly developing the perfect products for the different types of businesses in tourism - we call these "Business Types"Tailored to the needs of local stakeholders, we offer specialized business accounts for POIs, hotels, guides, trail managers, search and rescue services, publishers, event organizers, associations, protected areas and the outdoor industry

As a destination manager, you can count on us to give all other stakeholders in your destination their own digital home, tailored to them. With this specialization, we perfectly meet the needs of the local service providers without you having to worry about it.

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