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  • Region Report
    Bavaria 2022

    Region Report Bavaria 2022

    Geographically the largest and also the most visited federal state of Germany, Bavaria is surely also one of the country's most diverse regions. With the Alps to its south, Bavaria's lakes and forest, as well as its iconic cities and unique culture, invite guests from all over the world.

Total figures for content located in Bavaria in 2022

​ 498.062.225




Interaction rate: 

Interpreting these figures

  • teaser is a promotional element that leads to the content's detail page (e. g. a route or POI). The more teasers an item of content has, the more traffic it will generate.
  • Pageviews refer to detail pages that are fully opened. This is the best way for a user to see the message the author is trying to relay to. It is also a key indicator of reach.
  • Actions are counted when a user clicks on further items within the content, making them a direct measurement of the interest generated.
  • Any user that downloads content is very likely to go on to experience e. g. the route in real life.  
  • The interaction rate sums up how successful the author was in creating a lasting experience for the users.

Partners form the "Alliance of the Officials"

The Outdooractive platform's total reach is being generated by content from the Outdooractive brand and from the professional content of our partners. This is how the partner's data has about 5 times as much reach as it does on it's own brand channels.

77 % 
of all traffic in Bavaria on the Outdooractive platform was generated by professional content.

partners created as part of the "Alliance of the Officials" professional content for the region Germany.

Interpretation of figures
  • Professional content is created by what we term the Alliance of the Officials, meaning our business partners such as DMOs, trail managers, mountaineering associations, etc.
  • These partners are part of the "Alliance of the Officials" and they created the professional and official content. This content was the main traffic driver.

The top 3 reach contributors in Bavaria in 2022

The top 3 reach 
contributors in Bavaria 
in 2022

* based on total pageviews in 2022

* basierend auf den Seitenaufrufen gesamt im Jahr 2022

Most viewed activities in Bavaria in 2022

How to become visible in your region

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